South Texas Properties

Westwater Resources currently controls three idled production properties and several exploration projects in South Texas.

Map - South Texas

The company began operations in 1977 in the South Texas uranium province. The Company has successfully completed several projects in the region, including completion of full restoration of the Longoria and Benavides projects.  The Company has produced over eight million pounds of uranium over various extended periods beginning in the 1980s until 2009 when production was suspended at the Company’s Kingsville Dome Project due to unfavorable market conditions.

The Company’s Rosita and Kingsville Dome processing facilities remain on standby for a potential restart of production when there is a sustained recovery in uranium prices. The Vasquez Project is in the final stages of reclamation.

In addition, the Company strengthened its path to production with the addition of an exploration project in the South Texas uranium province with characteristics amenable for potential in-situ recovery of uranium. The project is within 75 miles (120 kilometers) of the Company’s licensed Rosita Dome processing facility.