Executive Compensation Survey

TO:                Westwater Resources Shareholders        

FROM:          Westwater Compensation Committee

DATE:            November 5, 2019

RE:               Executive Compensation Survey

Dear Shareholders –

Your board’s Compensation Committee has posted a survey on the company’s website designed to solicit input and opinion with regard to equity awards to the Company’s Named Executive Officers.  It will be available for your input until December 31, 2019. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who are the Named Executive Officers?
    • Chris Jones – President and CEO
    • Jeff Vigil – Vice President of Finance and CFO
    • Dain McCoig – Vice President of Operations
  • What is Equity Compensation?
    • This takes the form of shares in the company, or options to buy shares at an agreed upon price.   These awards have goals associated with them, and vest over time and as goals are achieved.
  • What about other compensation?
    • The Westwater management team is compensated with monthly salary and health benefits.   They are also evaluated for a cash bonus annually relative to previously agreed upon goals. 
  • What is “vesting”?
    • This means that the value for an award may be delayed, subject to certain requirements.  Awards are vested when those requirements are met.


The Westwater Compensation Committee thanks you for your participation.

You can activate the survey using the link below.