Corporate Governance

Charters and Policies

Title Size
pdf 3rd Party Anti-Corruption Policy 155 KB Download
pdf Anti-Corruption Policy 118 KB Download
pdf Audit Committee Charter 29 KB Download
pdf Bylaws 81 KB Download
pdf Code of Business Conduct (Oct. 2015) 142 KB Download
pdf Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers 10 KB Download
pdf Compensation Committee Charter 30 KB Download
pdf Corporate Governance Guidelines 31 KB Download
pdf Disclosure Controls Manual (October 2015) 209 KB Download
pdf Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter 19 KB Download
pdf Privacy Policy (Oct. 2015) 114 KB Download
pdf Securities Trading Policy (Oct. 2015) 160 KB Download

Committee Composition

and Corporate
and Public
Terence J. Cryan*

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Christopher M. Jones

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Tracy D. Pagilara*  Member Icon  Member Icon  Member Icon  
Karli S. Anderson*
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Deborah A. Peacock*
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*independent director